Anatolian Red Deer

(Cervus elaphus, Mideastern Red Deer, Red Deer, Rothirsch-Rotwild, Cerfrouge)

Red deer which is called sacred by Anatolian people is protected and not hunted by locals. Anatolian red deer which is completely living in its natural environment is a spicy which trophy hunters can’t give up. It weight about 200-350kg. Red deer hunt can be combined with bezoar ibex, hybrid ibex and gazelle.

Hunting Season:

Hunting season starts as of September 1st and ends by January 31st. Mating period for red deer is late September, mid October.

Red Deer Hunting:

Especially during the mating period, the hunt can be done by walking and listening. It is sometimes even possible to approach the red deer up to 10m under the guidance of our professional guides. According to this, a successful red deer hunt is highly possible. Red deer which goes to its bedding area early in the morning and goes out to scatter at late afternoon will be tracked down by our guides after our clients determining the arrival date to help the hunter to easily locate the best quality trophies. Available hunting locations are Ankara, Afyon, Bolu, Eskişehir, Denizli, Kastamonu and Kütahya.


Accommodation will be provided in hotels, cottages and lodges near the hunting area. All accommodations are hygienic and safe.


In September – October, weather is hot in the mornings and cool in the evenings at the hunting locations. Generally it is 20-25c day time and 12-18c at nights. During this season rain fall occurs rarely.


Turkish Airlines and other Turkish private airways (Pegas, Pegasus, Onur Air, Atlas Jet, Anadolu Jet) flies to any domestic locations from İstanbul and Ankara.

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