Anatolian Hybrid Ibex

(Hybrid Ibex)

Anatolian hybrid ibex has first seen in Olgunlar Village 20km away from Adıyaman. This species which is told sacred by the natives of the area has appeared from mating of an ibex and domesticated goat and spread out to different areas of Adıyaman. Hybrid ibex has got low ears, long fur and horns which grows back and sides carries the characteristics of the both species. It has got different colors and weight 40 to 70kg.

Anatolian hybrid ibex hunt can be combined with ibex, red deer, wild boar and gazelle.

Hunting Season:

Hunting season starts as of August 1st and ends by the March 31st. Mating period is between December and January.

Anatolian Hybrid Ibex Hunt:

Hunting hybrid ibex which both has the characteristics of both species can be done during the mating period with walking and listening. Finding hybrid ibex is not a problem besides the mating period. Trophy size does not take into consideration on hybrid ibex hunt. It is important that hybrid ibex carries the characteristics of the both species. Shooting distance is between 10 to 300m.


Accommodation will be generally provided in hotels by the area, nearby cottages and lodges. All accommodations are hygienic and safe. If needed this hunt may require camping in the hunting area.


Weather is cold if moved in early morning (10c). However since the area has a lukewarm climate it is around 15 to 25c during the day time. It only snows to higher altitude locations, rain may fall due to weather conditions and fog might occur. Generally the weather is bright and sunny.


Turkish Airlines and other Turkish private airways (Pegas, Pegasus, Onur Air, Atlas Jet, Anadolu Jet) flies to any domestic location from İstanbul and Ankara.

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