Anatolian Gazelle

(Gazella marica, Gazelle)

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Anatolian gazelle which lives amongst the Tukey’s southern cities of Şanlıurfa has delicate figure, thin legs and big eyes. It prefers to live on not rough steppes where the terrain is sandy, hilly and sparse woody and does not like valley bases and river sides. It strays in groups. When the weather gets too hot in the afternoon, it lays on shady parts of the hills, rocks and trees. It weight about 15 to 25kg.

Anatolian gazelle hunt can be combined with ibex, hybrid ibex, red deer and wild boar.

Hunting Season:
Hunting season starts as of September 1st and ends by the 15th of December. Mating period is the first weeks of September and October.

Anatolian Gazelle Hunt:
After tracking with vehicles, Anatolian gazelle with the best trophy gets picked and hunt finalizes with walking. Shooting distance is between 100 to 300m.

Accommodation will be generally provided in hotels by the area, nearby cottages and lodges. All accommodations are hygienic and safe. Hunting area has a historical background and famous with its cousin.

Weather is generally hot during the mating season in September and October. It does not snow in the hunting area but rain might be expected.

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