Anatolian Bezoar Ibex

(Capra aegagrus aegagrus, Bezoar Ibex, Wild goat, Bezoarwild, Bauguetin)

Bezoar Ibex which is called “Geyik” by Anatolian local’s lives in the steep hills, abrupt locations covered with forests and short bushes starting from the see level at Aegean and up to the altitude of 3000mt in East Turkey. It is known as the noblest ibex between all ibex species on earth. High trophy ranks and world records on ibex always came from Turkey. Turkish government has provided a great increase in the population with a close protection program to the ibex habitat. Ibex weights about 50-85kg.

Anatolian ibex hunt can be combined with red deer, hybrid ibex and gazelle.

Hunting Season:

Hunting season starts as of August 1st and end by March 31st. Mating season is November, December and January.

Anatolian Ibex Hunt:

The hunt can be done especially during the mating season by walking and listening. This hunt requires a good body fitness. It is possible to get close to ibexes during the mating season however generally shooting distance is between 200m to 300mt. Due to nature construction in some areas, shooting distances may extend. Our professional guides starts glassing and tracking before the hunter’s arrival for a successful hunt. Available hunting locations are Antalya, Datça, Finike, Köyceğiz, Alanya, Konya, Niğde, Kayseri, Erzincan, Erzurum, Bingöl and Artvin.


Accommodation will be generally provided in hotels by the area, nearby cottages and lodges. All accommodations are hygienic and safe. If needed this hunt may require camping in the hunting area.


Weather is generally cool/cold in day time and very cold at nights in November, December, January. Weather may change due to the hunting location. It is generally warmer in closer locations to the sea. However weather is generally -5 to -15c day time and -10 to -20c at nights in mid Anatolia. It might rain or snow during this season.


Turkish Airlines and other Turkish private airways (Pegas, Pegasus, Onur Air, Atlas Jet, Anadolu Jet) flies to any domestic location from İstanbul and Ankara.

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